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Useful Blackjack Resources

It can be overwhelming at times when researching trends, techniques and strategies of Blackjack. The following is a list of Blackjack resources that we have put together that we feel are both useful, and can help you learn what you need to know regarding Blackjack. Along with each link we have given a short synopsis so you can have a general idea of what each site contains to help you along with your Blackjack research. It is our hope that you may find these resources as helpful as they have been to us.

A great resource that is continually updated is wikepedia.org. You can find most of what you need to know regarding Blackjack at this link. Examples of what you will find include Blackjack rules, history of Blackjack, Blackjack strategies, variations of Blackjack and more. For those who are unfamiliar with wikipedia , it is an online resource website where people world wide contribute. When new information is in the news, or if errors are found, the article is updated by people who claim to know about each topic. If you notice errors or have something new to ad, feel free to update or add to the article.

To a serious Blackjack player, there is no other competition equal to the World Series of Blackjack. With a grand prize of $500,000.00, professional Blackjack as well as novice Blackjack players alike are drawn to try their skills and become the ultimate winner. Qualifying rounds and dates will be listed, as well as biographies of current players. If tournament Blackjack is what drives your motivation, then BlackjackWorldSeries.net is the place you have been looking for You will also find videos from Blackjack games and tournaments, giving you a feel for the Blackjack tournament atmosphere as well as an idea of what to expect once you have entered a tournament.

Additional tips, strategies and free online game resources can be found at Blackjack man's website. There he has prepared a strategy guides for different variations of Blackjack that can be used in many casinos.

The wizard of odds is another exceptional resource. On his website you will find useful information on Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Keno and many other popular casino games. If there is a question that is not answered on the website, you can ask the wizard himself in his "Ask the Wizard" section.

For making the important decision on which casino to attend, or to find some more in-depth information on shuffle tracking and card counting, we recommend Real-Blackjack.co.uk. It is an easy to read website with tons of great information.

The following programs will help you practice Blackjack and play out different strategies to see possible outcomes. These programs offer great Blackjack knowledge and training tools manufactured by Casino Vérité.

Casino Vérité Blackjack V4.1 (including CVShuffle) is a great Blackjack training program that you can use to practice. To warn, the program is 22MB, but it is full of knowledge that is very useful to any Blackjack player.

Casino Vérité Blueprint is similar to Casino Vérité Blackjack V3, but with a little reduced functionality and at a more cost effective price. Blueprint is a bit more compact at 14MB

For an Optimal Betting Calculator, as well as a program that offers High-speed simulations, CVData V3.1 and CVCX V3.0 High-Speed Simulators are the programs for you. This program is 14MB and can be lengthy to download, but well worth it in the end.

If you enjoy Blackjack, you may enjoy other casino card games.

Poker is growing larger and faster everyday. With the commercialized poker hitting the air waves, card players all over are learning what some consider a new craze. Although it has been around, and popular for years new people are being attracted to it faster then ever. To learn more about poker and different variations you can visit online-poker.com. There you will learn the rules of poker, poker variations as well as some strategies.

For some Blackjack players, Baccarat is another great game. Although different in many ways, such as set up and counting, it still gives a similar feel to Blackjack. Baccarat allows more people to play at a time, as well as the option to make your wager on either your hand or the dealers. For a complete list of Baccarat rules and game strategies you can visit www.baccarat-guru.com.

We hope you find these links as useful as we have. If you have any questions regarding our links or some suggestions feel free to

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