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How to play Blackjack Surrender

Another popular form of Blackjack is Blackjack Surrender. Blackjack Surrender offers one main twist, if the player is not confident with their hand, they have the option to surrender half of their wager and forfeit their hand. This option is usually offered after the initial 2 cards are dealt, but some casinos offer late surrender, allowing the player to surrender at any point in the game. Late surrender option will allow the player to have more insight before choosing to surrender their hand or take a chance and play it out. For instance, if the player is dealt a low hand which may be surrendered in early surrender versions of Blackjack Surrender due to low probabilities, with late surrender versions of Blackjack Surrender, you have the opportunity to play the hand longer, obtain more cards and better decide if that initial low hand has potential after all or if it is wiser to surrender half your wager against what the dealer may hold.

There is a wide variety of opinion when it comes to Blackjack Surrender. Opinions range from always surrender when the dealer has an Ace as a face card, to never surrender unless dealt a hand with really low probability. Whichever way you choose to strategize when playing Blackjack Surrender, the surrender option may be beneficial and has the potential to save you money. When dealt 14 through 16, there is a high probability of bust and surrendering half your wager could save you from losing your full wager. The other factor that must be taken into consideration is the dealerís face-up card. If their card is valued 6 or higher, and you have a low valued hand you may wish to risk and play your hand, hoping for the dealer to bust. However if the dealer has a higher card showing, 7 through Ace, against your lower hand you may wish to choose to surrender as you may have a higher probability to bust trying to beat the dealers potential hand.

Even though strategies vary from player to player, the basic Blackjack strategy as well as the advanced Blackjack strategy still applies to Blackjack Surrender. You may still count cards and use shuffle tracking and play as though you would approach traditional Blackjack. In some online casinos as well as land casinos, once a player chooses to double their wager, they are only dealt one last card. If the double option is not used, the player may draw as many cards as requested unless they go bust.

There are many online casinos that include Blackjack Surrender, as it is very popular amongst Blackjack players. A free online game link found here offers Blackjack Surrender as well as other Blackjack variations, and other casino favorites. When approaching Blackjack Surrender you may have more options, but in the end it is the same strategy as traditional Blackjack. Players who are familiar with traditional Blackjack may find Blackjack Surrender a variation that they enjoy and can appreciate as much as the original.

Here are some different variants of Blackjack:

Blackjack Switch: A form of Blackjack you play 2 hands at the same time.

Pontoon: A form of Blackjack where all cards to the dealer are face down.

Caribbean 21: Similar to Blackjack with the goal of adding to 31.

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